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Jim Worthington

Worthington is the former head football coach of Seminole High School in Sanford, FL. A Graduate of Duke University, he lettered four years and played linebacker under coach Steve Spurrier. He was a high school assistant for 5 years and has been a head coach for 7 years. Jim has been named Coach of the Year twice in the five year period as head coach. Jim became the inaugural Head Coach at Pine Ridge High School in Deltona, FL in 1994. There were no seniors and very few football players who transferred from the sister school in Deltona. That school only had one winning season in its history. Pine Ridge got whipped 65-0; 50-8;48-0 and consequently went 1-9. The coaching staff regrouped and came up with the plan that is in this package to turn the program around. The next year Pine Ridge went 8-2 and followed that with a 9-2 mark. Jim then took the Seminole High job in January of 1997 and transformed a losing program, only 6 wins the previous two seasons, into a playoff team that went 8-3. Jim resigned as head football coach at Seminole in January of 2001 after three state playoff appearances and two conference championships. He will spend more time with his family and work to help coaches all over the country to improve their football programs.

Joe Rago

Former Assistant Head Coach at Seminole until just recently. Joe was just named Head Coach of Gateway H.S. in Kissimmee, FL and will put the Worst to First program to the test with his new school. Gateway is one of the "losingest" programs in the history of the state. The school has only won 29 games in a 14 year history. Joe played offensive line at UCF, has coached the position, and been the offensive coordinator. He is remarkably organized and has spearheaded equipment and locker room management, as well as record keeping. He does a super job of game planning and keeping up with details in the midst of battle on Friday night. Coach Rago has also run the weightroom and been in charge of the major off-season incentive program that we run. Joe has been with Jim for all 5 years of the program.

Mark Pozatek

Mark was also a former Assistant Head Coach at Seminole H.S. and was in charge of special teams and QB/Receivers. He is innovative and outspoken. Coach Pozatek ran the computerized weight program that we used. His job is essential in the gains of our athletes throughout the year. His desire to see a more disciplined unit has brought on a tremendous improvement in our offseason program. He has excellent computer skills and keeps all of our organizational charts updated and continues to improve them. Mark was with Coach Worthington for 4 years and has been a major part of the turnaround at Seminole High.