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You have nothing to lose....except more games!

Offseason and Preseason Program

This program includes our workouts for both the weight room and on the field. The biggest reason for our success is that we are more physical and have better feet than the majority of our opponents. We will also include our plyometric program and our speed program as well as our stretching regimen. This program also includes our organizational charts for the weight room and offseason incentives that get us the results we want. Elements of our team building and leadership development during this phase of our program are also included. We teach our players discipline and the ropes of our program during this phase. This program is very detailed and can be implemented by you and your staff as soon as you receive the program. Click on the What's New button on the homepage to see our latest gains.

Cost: $99.99 + s/h

Templates for incentive program.

One of the reasons we have tremendous gains is our incentive program. When I say these kids are displayed prominently in the weight room, I truly mean it. A lot of guys put the kids name up, yet it's on a board or a little plaque; in our program, you can see these kids' names as soon as you come in the weight room. It gives your weight room a first-class look and your kids work their tails off to get into the clubs. One of the first things you must do to turn around a program is facelift your facility; this is a definite change for your kids which everyone can see immediately.

Cost: $19.99 + s/h

Forms, Academics, Coaches Attitudes & Equipment Management

We use a number of forms to keep us organized and keep the program running smoothly throughout the year. All forms, including how to use your computer to stay on top of your year-round program, are included with explanations. Coach Worthington's ideas on assistant coaches and their attitudes are a key element of this component. Our academic program has been extremely successful. When we arrived at Seminole, we had 20 kids below a 2.0 gpa = the grades were awful. We have done specific things to systematically improve team grades. We had a 2.9 gpa during the season; only one player had a gpa below 2.0. Coach Rago is the consummate organization man. He has developed a system to keep all facets of equipment and the locker room managed properly. This saves us a lot of headaches and time throughout the year, not to mention money.

Cost: $39.99 + s/h

Practice Organization and Practice Schedules

We were told by a recruiter from Syracuse that we run the most organized, efficient high school football practice he had ever seen. We will outline our philosophy of practice, give you practice schedules that we use to get our goals accomplished, and explain how we implement our plan.

Cost: $29.99 + s/h

Game Planning,Game Night Organization, and In Season Incentives

You will kow exactly what we do to come up with our game plan and implement it during practice throughout the week. We will also tell you what we do specifically to avoid being out-coached on Friday night. We stay organized via a simple system. We'll show you how to stay on top of your game, so you don't forget key details in the heat of battle. We will include our goals as well as the incentive programs that tie into our team goals.

Cost: $39.99 + s/h


Offensive: We run the Wing-T but have the ability to run multiple sets and multiple plays within our system. Our passing game is simple and organized and can easily be adapted to any situation. Our system is structured for adaptablity Our offense has produced 5 thousand yard rushers in 5 seasons. We have averaged 335 yds. and 29 points per game over that time.

Cost: $39.99 + s/h

Defensive: We run a 44 defense and are very aggressive. We detail our blitzes and coverages as well as change-up alignments. Our defense has given up slightly less than 14 points and 200 yards per game during our run.

Cost: $29.99 + s/h

Special Teams: We detail each team with a few options in each phase of the game. We have blocked many kicks and had only 1 blocked punt in 5 years. We work hard on special teams, which are a big key to our success.

Cost: $19.99 + s/h

All 3 playbooks:

Cost: $75.00 + s/h


Worst to First Program

All programs described above in 1 package.

Save $85 by purchasing the whole program.

Cost: $250.00 + s/h


Offensive Video Playbook

This is a very crude copy of our playbook. It has been an excellent training tool for us however. If you want to install the wing t; this is a super video, despite the quality.

Cost: $24.95 + s/h
If you want to combine the video playbook with the hard copy playbook, we will give you a combination deal.

Cost: $59.95 + s/h

1995 - Highlight Video

We had our first success with this team. This team went 1-9 in 1994; in 1995 the program went 8-2 and changed the whole mentality of a community.

Cost: $19.95 + s/h

1996 - Highlight Video

We continued our success in '96. We went 9-2 and had the most fun we had with a team. The highlight video is known as the masterpiece. Check it out and see what committed kids and coaches can do!!

Cost: $24.95 + s/h

1997 - Highlight Video

This is our first playoff team and you will see why! We took over a team that had back to back 3-7 seasons. We went 8-3 and got into the state playoffs! This team was a lot of fun!

Cost: $24.95 + s/h

1998 - Highlight Video

This team went 7-3, but sustained multiple injuries and came out with a successful season.

Cost: $19.95 + s/h

1999 - Highlight Video

This club went 8-3, winning the Seminole Athletic Conference and making it to the the State Playoffs again.

Cost: $19.95 + s/h

All Highlight Videos + Video Playbook

Cost: $115.00 + s/h