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We completed our season by knocking off once beaten and district champion Palm Beach Gardens in the first round of the class 5A state playoffs. We advanced to take on Kissimmee Osceola and play for a chance at the regional finals. We came up short, but had another successful campaign. We advanced as far as any team in school history and have a bunch of juniors coming back next year.


5/3/00: We just completed our offseason and started spring practice. This was the best offseason we have had to date. Here are the mindboggling totals:(90 participants in program)

Bench: 61 players @200+; 25 players @250+; 8 players @300+


Clean: 52 players @200+; 34 players@225+; 18 players @250+


Parallel Squat: 43 players @300+; 19 players @350+; 15 players @ 400+; 4 players @450+; 1 player @ 500.


40: 43 @5.0 or better; 30 @ 4.79 or better; 10 @ 4.59 or better


*These gains are real. This is my fourth offseason at Seminole and it is really starting to pay tremendous dividends. If you apply our program, you will have these results in due time.



Updated on 2/17/2000
The Seminoles finished the season 8-3. We won the Seminole Athletic Conference and made into the playoffs again. We did this with one of the smallest offensive lines we have ever played with. We had three players weighing less than 180 lbs. starting for us and we still produced nearly 30 points a game. Those kids all lifted very hard in the offseason, during the summer and during the season. The were able to move 300 pounders around enough for us to make something happen in the backfield. We had no division 1 players this year and beat 4 of the 6 playoff teams on our schedule. Three of those made it to the final eight in the state playoff system. We feel we are getting closer to putting together a title run.

Currently we have been in our offseason program for about 6 weeks. We have 40 players in our football class. We have another 60 kids coming after school lifting, running, and jumping. If you build a program, the numbers keep coming out even though it is harder to play at Seminole High School than any other place in the County. Building your winning program starts this time of year, not in June, July and August.


Updated on Sept. 29, 1999.
The Sanford Seminoles defeated 4th ranked Mainland High Friday night and have now moved up to 5th in the state of Florida. Things are rolling. We'll keep you updated as the season progresses.

Daytona Beach News Journal Article

Updated Sept. 22, 1999.
We are currently undefeated and ranked 7th in the state in Class 5A. Our offseason/preseason program has really paid off for us this year. We have been the best conditioned team we have played thus far and have rolled over people in the second half this year. We are lifting 3 days a week currently and maintaining the gains that we have made since January. Check back with us to see how the season turns out.


Our Offseason training program during the 3rd nine week period ending March 12, 1999 has produced our biggest gains ever!


Bench Press: +25.8 lb. average

largest gain :+75 lbs. (125-200 lbs.)

Squat: +67.3 lb. average

largest gain:: +145 lbs. (240 to 385 lbs.)

Power Clean: +44.9 lb. average

largest gain: +85 lbs. (150 to 235 lbs.)

40: NINE players are now running 4.6 or better; in January, we had THREE!!

These gains are real; if you implement our plan, you to can realize these results.